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Fujifilm Artist’s canvas is a neutral coloured, cotton/polyester fabric that is used for creating images with the look and feel of oil paintings.  The product incorporates a matte inkjet receiver layer that can be stretched and embellished just like traditional canvas. PLEASE NOTE that these figures are for prints without stretching to stretchers and without hand varnishing. For the full bespoke print and stretch service to pro stretchers please talk to Richard for your tailored quotation.

A smooth bright white 100% cotton (rag) based material. Its silky smooth surface is ideal for photo and digital fine art reproductions. Acid free single side matte coated. Dye and pigment compatible. Archival quality.

Modelled on the traditional glossy fibre based material used in conventional photography. It has a microporous gloss coating designed for high quality fine art and photographic reproduction and has a very large colour gamut with both dye and pigment inks. An acid inhibiting layer gives superb archival qualities.

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