Bleak House 7


Limited edition print, signed and numbered by the artist.

the DPC is proud to be the sole representative for all Arcimboldi Studios limited edition prints.  Arcimboldi Studios create meticulously detailed staged photography which plays with elements of scale, texture and lighting and the never ending cycle of nature modifying man’s achievements.  He has exhibited at Londons Barbican, Cottons Center, Holborn Studios, Linear House, the Strand Gallery and was a finalist in the Gallerie Huit Open Salon in France in 2011.  Influences include filmmakers Stephen and Timothy Quay, Andrey Tarkovskiy, Jiri Barta and Wojciech Jerzy Has.

These beautiful photographs of painstakingly constructed miniature stage sets, evoke the passage of time within nature. The glorious use of light heigthens the visual drama drawing one into this tiny other world that is basically a microcosm of our very own big one.

The prints come in two sizes, A3 and A2 and are beautifully printed to either premium archival gloss Baryte 300 gsm paper or acid free 300gsm watercolour paper.  The editions are 100 and are individually signed and numbered by the artist.

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